Noordung Blockchain Hub invites you to first Blockchain Academy from 5th to 6th of October 2017 in Noordung Centre, Vitanje, Slovenia.

We invite all of you which are willing to get better acknowledgement of Blockchain technologies, its use on different areas, to develop your own projects based on those technologies, to join us in two-days Academy. There will be a lot of opportunities for new ideas, creation of new teams and get additional knowledge on Blockchain technologies. Register on

The purpose of the Academy is to present:

  • a horizontal aspect of blockchain technologies, which represents a framework for running business or projects, business models or development of project ideas in the homogenius systemically defined environment (legal aspect, financial aspect – ICO, smart contracts)
  • concrete solutions concerning vertical pillars – branches or industries or thematic areas, where business models with the use of blockchain tecnologies can be developed.

Two days programme will offer to existing and potential businesses and individuals, who think about the development of the solutions or optimization of their business or work in different areas of activity strenghtening their knowledge or information bases about:

  • blockchain technologies
  • possibilities of development your own products/services/business models with the blockchain technologies
  • what is ICO and basic steps to ICO
  • about the areas where blockchain technologies can optimize the way of running business
  • what is smart contracts and how to use them,

and a lot of space for networking, connecting people and getting more opportunities for collaboration.



Day 1: 5 october 2017

13.00   Registration

13.30 – 14.00 Welcome speech (Tadej Slapnik)

14.00 – 16.00 Review of relevant legislation for implemetation of Blockchain technologies in Slovenia and EU (Nejc Novak)

16.00 – 16.30 Coffee break

16.30 – 18.30 Horizontal area: Presentation of The Linux Foundation Hyperledger Fabric: the meaning of private blockchain in business networks (presentation of IBM, David Starina)

19.00 Dinner and networking


Day 2: 6. October 2017

10.00 – 12.00 Contentual and financial aspect – the maturity of the project for ICO, how the competitors are changing, what amount to collect,why the community is so important? (Tim M. Žagar – Iconomi, Matjaž Slak –

12.00 – 13.00 Lunch break

13.00 – 15.00 Vertical area 1: energy solutions based on blockchain technology SunContract – trading with electricity (presentation of SunContract project, Gregor Novak and Rok Gornik)

15.00 – 17.00 Vertical area 2: Why is Blockchain so much disruptive? (a case of use of Blockchain in private sector) (Peter Merc) – lecture and workshop using »Open space« method



Early bird offer and offer for members of the hub: 120 EUR (+VAT) – for the registrations to 30.9.2017

From 1st October 2017 on: 150 EUR (+VAT)

The price includes: lectures, catering and materials


Certificates will be delivered to all participants of the Academy


Payment details:

IBAN (Account):  SI56 01337-6000000244
BIC oz. SWIFT code of the Bank: BSLJSI2X


Register on:

Registration is open NOW and is possible according to availability of space.


Tadej Slapnik (on picture) is a State Secretary at the Prime Minister’s office of the Republic of Slovenia. He is responsible for social, circular and green economy and he is a Head of Partnership for green economy, established by the Government of the Republic of Slovenia. He is representative of the Republic of Slovenia in many international organizations and innitiatives. He is very active in the blockchain area, intensively looking for the solutions on the state level.

Nejc Novak (on picture) graduated cum laude from the Law Faculty at the University of Ljubljana in 2010 and part of his studies took place at Utrecht University in the Netherlands. He then pursued his Masters of Law at University College London, where he wrote a dissertation on issues related to minority shareholdings in EU competition law and obtained his LL.M. in International Commercial Law.

In 2016, Nejc Novak founded the Novak Rutar Law Firm together with his colleague Grega Rutar. He devotes most of his work to issues related to business and commercial law, in particular statutory law, mergers and acquisitions, restructuring and insolvency. During the last year, Nejc has advised a number of high-profile blockchain projects on regulatory issues.

Gregor Novak: Gregor has strong experiences in the area of energy. He worked for two large Slovenian companies in the past, ELES, BORZEN, after that he continued his work in his own company SONCE. Together with his team he finished more than 150 projects of construction of solar grids. He is leading mind and a stong driving force of SunContract project.

Rok Gornik: Rok started his professional career in academic area, before that he was running a variety of small projects in the local community and in his family business. He entered into the Blockchain world through the web page and after that he joined SunContract team. At the moment he is in charge for PR, community management and marketing.

Tim Mitja Žagar (on picture) is cofounder of the Iconomi. He has an excellent insight into the development and movement in the global scene. An exceptional mind, designed one of the first european ICOs, very practical. He is still meeting groups willing to open an ICO. At the moment he is acting as investor.

Matjaž Slak has strong overview of all the projects, applying at, which is approximatelly 50 per week. In his interactive presentation he will show us, in which phase are the projects, their development path, the industries and branches they are covering, and, the most important, the evaluation approach of the team. He will present the operation process of, too.

Peter Merc, PhD of Law. After many years of professional career in the bank, he started his own business Lemur Legal two years ago, an advisory company for IT business and start ups. He is a fan of all, what is disruptive – sharing economy, circular economy, blockchain and digitalization in general. As a cofounder and legal advisor he is a part of many projects which collect founds through the crypto coins and initiate ICOs, and/or providing the solutions based on blockchain technologies. He acts as a lectuter on national and international events and is cooperating with the Government of the Republic of Slovenia at the Blockchain Initiative of Slovenia.

David Starina, BSc in Computer Science, has joined IBM Slovenia, where he is responsible for implementing blockchain projects in Slovenia, in January this year. He has 10 years of experience in the field of informatics, mostly with projects in the field of strategic asset management and computerization of business processes.