EU BLOCKCHAIN MEETUP – 20th of October

We invite you to the EU Blockchain meetup, which will be held on 20th of October at 14.p.m. at the »Feel the future« trade Fair for innovative digital solutions in Celje, Slovenia.

Industry 4.0 is happening now. Disruptive business models expand even more and make step ahead from what is recognized as disruptive at the moment.

Blockchain technology is one of the most important forces in digital transformation in private sector, in public sector and in economy as general. Slovenia identified this enormous potential of Blockchain technology as a technology capable of tackling complex social and economic problems. But before we can use the Blockchain to its full potential, many challenges will have to be faced, from taxation to money laundering, in Slovenian and in other European and world countries.

In the last years Slovenia has taken several measures to create the environment that would allow Blockchain to thrive. Strong intergovernmental collaboration is furthered with Blockchain Think Tank Slovenia, established in 2017. It serves as an open space that enables individuals, organisations, commercial and state bodies to work together, share and exchange information. Think tank is one of the three pillars of the blockhain environment in Slovenia, responsible for exchange and transfer of the information among all relevant stakeholders (government, research and innovartion area, companies and non governmental organizations), coordinated by the Ministry of Public Administration. It operates inside the Slovenian Digital Coalition and interconnects stakeholders from Industry, Government, research and education and non-governmental sector. It serves as an open space that enables individuals, organisations, commerce and state bodies to work together, and to exchange (or “chain”) ideas.

The second pillar represents the activities of the Government of the Republic of Slovenia, in the policy and legal area, co-coordinated by the Ministry of Public Administration as responsible ministry of information technology with minister Boris Koprivnikar, acting as Chief Digital Officer and Prime Minister’s Office with state secretary Tadej Slapnik, as coordinator for the activities for Blockchain technology through the Slovenia land of startups innitiative.

The third pillar is Noordung Blockchain Hub, responsible for business part of the blockchain environment in Slovenia, with the focus on networking, development of business or projects, business models or development of project ideas, coordinated by Herman Potočnik Noordung space center. Those three pillars represent a framework for blockchain ecosystem in Slovenia, with the focus on enabling existing and potential companies and business innitiatives, based on blockchain technologies, to develop business ideas, and through Innitial Coin Offerings raise capital for their materialization and realization in the very near future.

Slovenia has been playing an active role in introduction the solutions of blockchain technologies on the European level as well, in collaboration with the European Commission and most progressive Member States in the area of Blockchain technologies – Estonia, Luxembourg and UnitedKingdom.

To encourage the dialogue and cooperation in creation of the legal and business framework, we are inviting you to EU blockchain meetup, where you will meet the representatives of the ecosystem of business sector of EU Member States, companies, supporting environment and the governments willing to change minds, approach and finally the regulation, to become friendly for companies, developing their products on blockchain technologies.

Registration is availablenow BELOW.

Registation will be opened till 18. october 2017.

Participation is free of charge.

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Tadej Slapnik

Cabinet Office of the Prime Minister
Republic of Slovenia













13.30 – 14.00 Registration

14.00 – 14.30 Introductory speeches

Boris Koprivnikar, Minister, Ministry for Public Administration of the Republic of Slovenia
Blockchain European Innitiative, Tadej Slapnik, State secretary, Office of the Prime Minister of the Republic of Slovenia

Regulation of Blockchain technologies on EU level, representative of European Commission (Pierre Marro, DG CONNECT)


14.30 – 15.10 Building an ecosystem of blockchain technologies

Peter Merc, Lemur Legal, SLO Blockchain Think Tank

Jure Pirc, Bitcoin Association Slovenia
Nejc Novak, Novak Rutar
NenaDokuzov, Noordungblockchain Hub
Denis Aurillonis, Compelio
Dražen Kapusta, Blockchain Adria
Primož Ramovš,SLO Blockchain Think Tank
Ervin Uršič Kovač, Iconomi

Erika Pogorelc,

15.10 – 15.25 Emerging stars (speeches from the audience):

Luka Birsa, Advertising platform
Gregor Novak, Suncontract
Žiga Lukša, Web content monetization
Marko Filej, Sportyfi
Dejan Podgoršek, IBM Innovation centre
Goran Jeras: Between crypto and fiat – a chain of cooperative ethical banks for improved SME liquidity

Tamas Leder, MKB Fintechlab


15.25 – 15.30 Conclusions
Tadej Slapnik, State secrertary, Prime Minister’s office

15.30 – 17.00 Networking




The Government of the Republic of Slovenia, The Prime Minister’s Office, Ministry of Public Administration, Blockchain Think Tank, Digital Coalition, Noordung Blockchain Hub, Celje Fair

In cooperation with:

European Commission, Government of Kingdom of Luxembourg, Government of the Republic of Estonia, Government of the United Kingdom and partner organizations.



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