Blockchain hub creates an ecosystem of knowledge and opportunities for collaboration of enterprises, individuals and community. It promotes the use of blockchain technologies in different areas of business and work. The purpose of the Hub is to create a network of businesses and individuals from different branches, which can participate in the development and optimization of their work and business, development of project ideas and projects and access to knowledge and information. We organize thematic workshops, Academies, hackatons, summer and winter camps and other forms of networking and connecting people and businesses around interdisciplinary topics.

(1)  What is Blockchain technology
(2) What is Cryptocurency
(3) Horizontals
(4) Verticals
(5) What is ICO – innitial coin offering
 - Best practices ICOs
- Pending ICOs
(6) How we create community
(7) How to prepare a brilliant presentation
(8) How to become attractive for investors
(9) How to prepare a brilliant pitch)

(1) Blockchain Academy
(2) Blockchain Hackaton
(3) Blockchain thematic workshops
(4) Blockchain Summer – Winter Camps
(5) Blockchain promotional events)

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